Sewing Services

I have been sewing professionally for over 25 years.  A few years ago, I was introduced to the World of Quilting. This opened up another door for my creativity. I have since bought an APQS Millennium long arm quilting machine and have added quilt making and quilting services to my professional sewing business.  I also have an intelliquilter (IQ) and can create incredible quilts.

Quilting Services

I provide edge-to-edge free motion quilting as well as custom designs and pantograph quilting. I also provide batting and machine binding services.  Please see below for pricing information and details. A 50% deposit is required on all orders. Contact me to discuss your quilting needs.
Prices for Quilting

Edge-to-Edge Regular: Free-motion quilting from one edge to the other. Large design. Large pantograph included. Many designs to choose from.

Price $.015 to $.018 per square inch

Edge-to-Edge Custom: These designs require more stitching than
regular quilting. Smaller pantograph included.

Price: $.018 to $.035 per square inch

Example: Multiply width by length to get square inch. Then multiply by .015 to get price.

Minimum Charge: $35.00
Specialized borders that require reloading the quilt: $20.00 – $25.00

How to Prepare Your Quilt

Quilt top and backing MUST be squared!

*All seams must be pressed
*Please mark top of quilt if there is a direction to quilt
*Backing must be 8″ wider and 10″ longer than quilt top
*Batting must be 8″ wider and 8″ longer than quilt top
*Please remove all selvages from backing and press open seams
*If your border is pieced, please stay-stitch 1/4″ around quilt top
*You should trim away all loose thread
*Batting should be of good quality, no bargain brands please.
*If your quilt top is not straight or flat, no amount of quilting will
straighten it
*Remember, when we square & trim after quilting, you may lose a little off your border
*Extra charge may be added for quilts that are not properly prepared


You may supply your own batting, no bargain brands please. I can also provide you with batting. I carry Quilter’s Dream Cotton, Quilter’s Dream Poly Blend, Quilter’s Dream Green, Quilter’s Dream Puff, Warm and Natural 100% Cotton and Quilter’s Dream Midnight Black and 100% wool. I also stock 200 thread count natural or bleached Muslin that is 118” wide for your backing. Prices are very comparable to market.

Machine Binding

Hate to finish your quilts with the binding?  I can machine-sew your binding on and finish your quilt. I have mastered this step and can attach and finish the quilt.  I use invisible thread and a blind stitch so you can’t see the seam. Beautiful and precisely done! Very strong and durable. I do not do hand stitch binding. Ask to see samples.

  • Price: make binding $.05 per linear inch
  • Price: attach and finish binding  $.10 per linear inch

Memory Quilts

Preserve your precious T-shirts in a beautiful memory quilt that you can keep forever! I will stabilize your shirts and place them in a quilt. You pick the colors. Each quilt will be machine quilted for durability. Prices may vary upon complexcity of quilting.  Several quilt designs are available. Makes a perfect gift for that special someone!

Approximately $15.00- $20.00 per shirt.
Examples: 9 shirts=$135.00 or 12 shirts=$180.00 plus fabric & batting.


Custom Sewing

Island living has inspired me to design and sew clothing in beautiful hawaiian print fabric that is available only in Hawaii. I currently do custom sewing and design pieces for weddings, baby parties, hula halaus, proms, uniforms, special orders etc. I love to add bias trimming, piping and ruffles to my pieces for that extra special finished look. I strive for quality sewing at its best!

You can purchase clothing, fabric, and other textiles at my Etsy site Or, contact me  for custom sewing and designs.